Antipodean China

Edited by Nicholas Jose and Benjamin Madden
Published by Giramondo Publishing Company (2021)
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Antipodean China is a collection of essays based on a series of encounters between Australian and Chinese writers, which took place in China and Australia over a ten-year period from 2011. In the current climate, this collection presents what may be seen, in retrospect, as an idyllic moment of communication and trust. As the writers spoke about the places important to them, their influences and their work, resemblances emerged, and their different perspectives contributed to a sense of common understanding, about literature and about the role of the writer in society. This is seen particularly in the encounters between Tibetan author Alai and Indigenous author Alexis Wright, and the two winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mo Yan and J.M. Coetzee.

Everything Changes: Australian Writers and China, a Transcultural Anthology

Edited by Nicholas Jose and Xianlin Song
Published by UWA Publishing (2019)
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The experience of China is cultural too, through engagement with Chinese language, art, literature and philosophy, as it comes to be present in new writing. In making the selection, we have understood ‘transcultural’ to include the commitment to create something new from the coming together of different cultural formations. The writing is open, curious, experimental, inventive and full of feeling. It invites further dialogue and response. It imagines other worlds and alternative possibilities. It enriches and enlivens the literature of Australia and China as it does so.

Macquarie PEN Anthology

General Editor: Nicholas Jose
Published by Allen & Unwin (2009)
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A landmark anthology of Australian literary writing across all genres from over two centuries, this is an authoritative collection more than six years in the making, providing a window onto Australian culture. An essential addition to every Australian’s library.

Nicholas Jose writes in the introduction: ‘The first and foremost aim of this book is to make available to readers and students a sampling of the range of Australian writing, putting striking works from recent times together with works from the past that have become less familiar. By ordering the material chronologically, in a historical sweep from the first writing in English done in Australia to innovative work from the early years of the twenty-first century, and by encompassing a jostling variety of genres and styles, including letters, journals, speeches and songs, we intend that the anthology show the phases of change and development in Australian literature, and in Australian society and culture more generally.’ 

Contemporary Art + Philanthropy: Private Foundations Asia-Pacific Focus

Edited by Nicholas Jose
Published by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in partnership with Power Publications (2009)

In this volume, Nicholas Jose, Elaine W. Ng, Carrillo Gantner, Britta Erickson and Gene Sherman explore the current and future role of private foundations in sustaining contemporary art in the Asia- Pacific region during a time of rapid development, transition and change. They address the nature and economics of giving while taking into account the regional and international context in which art is produced and circulates.

Picador New Writing 4

Edited by Beth Yahp and Nicholas Jose
Published by Picador Australia (1997)

Welcome to the party. To this particular gathering of the new. Be warned that the company’s mixed. The topics range wildly, the conversation’s diverse. You are invited to enter deep doll space zero, where soft skin schoolboys are seduced mangahard and all history is pornography. Observe the rituals of the teapot tourist; overhear last judgements in Oden hospital; choose grunge or love, virginal or profesional, first time or last.
Enter the jelly of the stone curlew’s brain. Meet a woman whose name is nothing.
‘New’ is the piece of writing that rises up from the sea of similarity and insists, Look at me. Remember me. Stories, poems, work in progress, drama from 42 Australian writers.

Art TaiwanThe Contemporary Art of Taiwan

Edited by Nicholas Jose and Yang Wen-I
Published by G+B Arts International Ltd (1995)

The first major publication on contemporary Taiwan art to be published in the English language, Art Taiwan affords an introduction to the most exciting art being mode in this country today. The editorial collaboration of Nicholas Jose from Australia and Yang Wen-i from Taiwan provides an international perspective and twelve essays by leading Taiwanese and international critics and historians establish a context for contemporary Taiwan art in the 1980s and 1990s.

From these diverse viewpoints on con temporary Taiwan art it is possible to gain insights into one of the most fascinating and dynamically evolving cultures in the Asia Pacific region today.

The Finish Line: A Long March by Bicycle through China and Australia

Edited by Sang Ye, Nicholas Jose, Sue Trevaskes
Published by University of Queensland Press (1994)

This unique collaboration between Sang Ye, writer Nicholas Jose and translator Sue Trevaskes is travel writing with a difference: rich in wit and rhythm and alight with a sharp curiosity about culture and character.

‘Sang Ye’s mosaic of stories gathered on his unusual journeys through China and Australia are sometimes humorous, sometimes heart-rending—and always a joy to read.’ Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans

Ideas of the Restoration in English Literature, 1660-71

Published by Macmillan (1984)
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Charles II returned as king with bewildering suddenness in 1660; his regime needed all the propagandist help it could get; yet the future was uncertain. The book is a study of ideas of restoration—in the work of Cowley, Marvell, Dryden and Milton, in plays and poetry—that were often at odds with actual experience of the time.

Essays & Stories

‘The Mungo Excursion’

‘Going home singing: The Analects of Simon Leys’

‘Are We Here Just for Saying’

Introduction to Ken Bolton’s A Pirate Life